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Prof R Panneerselvam

Professor Management Studies... View Profile

Prof T Nambirajan

Professor Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Manag... View Profile

Dr. Hariharan S.

Professor Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Corpor... View Profile

Prof R Prabhakara Raya

Professor HRM in KBO?s, Personal Effectiveness including 3P ... View Profile

Dr R Chithra Sivasubramanian

Professor Organisational Behaviour, Human Resources Manageme... View Profile

Dr S Victor Anandkumar

Professor Marketing Management... View Profile

Dr Uma Chandrasekaran

Associate Professor Marketing Management - Consumer Behaviour, Service... View Profile

Dr R Kasilingam

Associate Professor Finance, Business Analytics, Law... View Profile

Dr R Venkatesakumar

Associate Professor Marketing and Quantitative Methods... View Profile

Dr. Mothilal L.

Assistant Professor Marketing, Business Environment, Public Policy & P... View Profile

Dr. Lavanya Latha K

Assistant Professor Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, E... View Profile

Dr. Madan Mohan G.

Assistant Professor Finance, Entrepreneurship and HR... View Profile

Dr. Riasudeen S.

Assistant Professor Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviou... View Profile

Dr. Rajeswari B.

Assistant Professor Marketing Management, Sales and Distribution, Reta... View Profile