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Dr P Dhanavanthan

Professor Distribution Theory, Applied Statistics... View Profile

Prof Tirupathi Rao Padi

Professor Stochastic Modeling, Applied Operations Research, ... View Profile

Prof Tirupathi Rao Padi

Professor Currently Working as Professor in Statistics at Po... View Profile

Dr J Subramanian

Associate Professor Estimation of Variance Components, Missing Data An... View Profile

Dr. Navin Chandra

Assistant Professor Bayesian Inference, Reliability Theory, Reliabilit... View Profile

Dr. Sudesh Pundir

Assistant Professor Distribution Theory, Statistical Inference, Biosta... View Profile

Dr. Vishnu Vardhan R.

Assistant Professor Biostatistics – classification and optimization ... View Profile

Dr. Vaidyanathan V.S.

Assistant Professor Data Mining (Clustering and Classification methods... View Profile