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Prof N Satyanarayana

Professor Nano-Crystalline and Nano-Composite Electrolyte an... View Profile

Prof G Govindaraj

Professor Solid State Ionics/ Nanomaterials/ Impedance/ Diel... View Profile

Prof Chandrasekaran G.

Professor Geo-magnetism, Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, S... View Profile

Prof Kuppuswamy Porsezian

Professor Theoretical Physics, Optical Fibre Communication, ... View Profile

Prof Ramaswamy Murugan

Professor Solid State Lithium Battery/ Magnetic Materials/Dy... View Profile


Associate Professor Physics... View Profile

Dr. Sivaprakasam S.

Associate Professor Semiconductor Lasers, Secure communications.... View Profile

Dr R Sivakumar

Associate Professor Hydrogen Storage Materials (Green Energy Research,... View Profile

Dr. Suraj Kumar Sinha

Associate Professor Gaseous electronics/Glow Discharge/Dielectric Barr... View Profile

Dr. Ramesh Naidu A.

Associate Professor Computational Physics, Computational/Cognitive Neu... View Profile

Dr. Satyanarayana S.V.M.

Assistant Professor Nonlinear Dynamics, Statistical Mechanics, Biophys... View Profile

Dr. Bhowmik R.N.

Assistant Professor Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Magnetism a... View Profile

Dr. Alok Sharan

Assistant Professor Lasers, Experimental Nonlinear Optics... View Profile

Dr. Muthukumar B.

Assistant Professor Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory on Noncommutati... View Profile

Dr. Ramesh Babu G.

Assistant Professor Spintronics, Multiferroics, Photovoltaics and Nano... View Profile

Dr. Bharathi Mohan D.

Assistant Professor Experimental Condensed Matter physics.... View Profile

Dr. Latha K.V.P.

Assistant Professor Electronic structure calculations of atomic proper... View Profile