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Prof H P Patil

Professor Colourings, Degree Sequence and Degree sets in Gra... View Profile

Prof K M Tamizhmani

Professor Integrable Systems... View Profile

Prof M Subbiah

Professor Hydrodynamics Stability... View Profile

Dr S R Kannan

Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Dr T Duraivel

Associate Professor Commutative Algebra... View Profile

Dr Rajeswari Seshadri

Associate Professor Boundary layer flows, Instability in Fluid Flows, ... View Profile

Dr. Joseph Kennedy A.

Assistant Professor Combinatorial Representation Theory... View Profile

Dr. Fathima S.N.

Assistant Professor Number Theory and Special Function.... View Profile

Dr. Francis Raj S.

Assistant Professor Graph Theory... View Profile

Dr. Subramania Pillai I.

Assistant Professor Topological Dynamics... View Profile