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Dr Dhavachelvan Ponnurangam

Professor Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer A... View Profile

Dr R. Subramanian

Professor Parallel and Distributed Algorithms, Robotics, Evo... View Profile

Dr S Sivasathya

Associate Professor Genetic Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Intrusion Dete... View Profile

Dr. Chithralekha T.

Associate Professor Information Security,Information Systems Audit, IT... View Profile

Dr. Vijayanand K.

Assistant Professor Computer Science & Engineering... View Profile

Dr. Sivakumar T.

Assistant Professor Data Communication Networks, Network Security, MAN... View Profile

Dr. Sunitha R.

Assistant Professor E-learning, Software engineering, Compiler Design,... View Profile

Dr. Sujatha P.

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Information retrieval, Software Engin... View Profile

Dr. Suresh Joseph K.

Assistant Professor Operating Systems, Analysis of Algorithms and SPM.... View Profile

Dr. Sathya M.

Assistant Professor Bio-Inspired Algorithms Web Service... View Profile

Dr. Kuppusamy K.S.

Assistant Professor Web Search Engineering, Accessible Computing, Mob... View Profile

Dr. Jayakumar S.K.V.

Assistant Professor Web Services Computing... View Profile

Dr Uma V.

Assistant Professor Distributed Computing Systems, Artificial Intellig... View Profile

Dr. Shanthi Bala P.

Assistant Professor Distributed Computing Systems, Knowledge Engineeri... View Profile

Dr. Nandhini M.

Assistant Professor Evolutionary Algorithms – Soft Computing; ... View Profile

Dr. Vengattaraman T.

Assistant Professor Web Services... View Profile

Dr. Ravi S.

Assistant Professor Digital Image Processing, Biometrics, Computer Vis... View Profile