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Prof Gurmeet Singh

Vice Chancellor Corrosion Science and Technology, Inhibition and i... View Profile

Prof H Surya Prakash Rao

Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Heterocyclic Chemistr... View Profile

Prof K Anbalagan

Professor Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Tharanikkarasu Kannan

Professor Polymer/Medicinal Chemistry: Controlled Radical Po... View Profile

Dr Bidhu Bhusan Das

Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Sterochemistry Green ... View Profile

Dr Bakthadoss Manickam

Professor Stereo selective Organic Synthesis, Heterocyclic C... View Profile

Dr R Venkatesan

Professor Electrochemistry, Energy materials, Materials Chem... View Profile

Dr Bala. Manimaran

Professor Organometallics, Nanoscale Materials and Supramole... View Profile

Dr C Sivasankar´╗┐

Professor Catalysis, Organometallic Chemistry, Computational... View Profile

Dr G Vasuki

Associate Professor Green Chemistry, Stereoselective Synthesis and Che... View Profile

Dr Musiri Balakrishnarajan

Assistant Professor Chemical Information - Quantum chemistry - Structu... View Profile

Dr Binoy K. Saha

Assistant Professor Crystal engineering, thermal expansion... View Profile

Dr sabiah s

Assistant Professor Bio-Inorganic Chemistry and Organometallic Chemist... View Profile

Dr Toka Swu

Assistant Professor Synthesis, Catalysis and Radiation Chemistry... View Profile

Dr. Padmanaban R.

Assistant Professor Theoretical Physical Chemistry & Computational Ch... View Profile


Assistant Professor Synthesis of novel biologically active heterocycli... View Profile